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Topher’s Senior Pictures | Hingham Class of 2017


There are many things I love about Topher’s session! I loved that Topher knew exactly how he wanted his senior picture to look down to the prop! He made it so easy for me. Once we had that rugby ball in his hand, he was Topher. 100% him and happy and I’m so glad he...

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Taylor’s Senior Pictures | Class of 2017


Fall is such a crazy time for everyone. Between my shooting schedule, Taylor’s hockey schedule and just life in general, we managed a Friday night session. It was a really rainy day and there wasn’t much daylight left, so it was tome for me to go back to my roots with these portraits busting out...

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Emma’s Senior Pictures | Hingham Class of 2017


This year’s subjects have been a series of sessions just pushing into my face how quickly the years go by. With still more of those to come, and they will progressively more heart wrenching, up right now is Emma. Yet another cousin! Emma really could not have had any more fun with me! We have...

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