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A Stunning Olsen | Zach’s Headshots


Olsen men are just damn good looking. There’s no denying it.Tall, handsome and cute all at the same time. Here’s my nephew, Zach. He’s been building a model portfolio so while he was her from AZ over the 4th of July weekend we got real professional like in the studio. He takes direction like a...

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it was time for a little less conversation and a little more action

For 3 days I intentionally pushed my personal limits on how to function on the least amount of sleep with the most amount of vodka in my bloodstream. Mind you, these two things are the polar opposite of who I am. I am a professional sleeper and a true master in the art of napping....

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8 days more


That’s all I want. 8 days more from the time we learned Sharon was unexpectedly not well. 8 days more from the time we learned she was never going to get well.  8 days more from the time we learned we wouldn’t have dinner with her – in just 8 days. Or ever again. You...

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