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I needed a challenge. | CPP via PPA

So a few years ago I was getting stale. Or maybe I had already gone flat entirely. I was definitely losing it. I can tell you that. I even considered packing this photography thing all up. I thought long and hard for months. What else could I do? What else would I like to do? […]

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Todd said, “You’ve lost your mind.” | A one time only boudoir set.


It was a Friday night and were in the car headed out to dinner. Natalie in the back seat, me in the passenger, Todd driving. Up ahead something caught my attention. In the maybe 15 seconds I had to process what I saw, I knew it was speaking to me. I saw on old house. […]

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the bare pregnant belly | maternity boudoir sessions

I have been doing a lot of maternity sessions lately. I’m excited. I hope to do more and more of them over the years having it be a weekly occurrence here in the studio. Anyone who knows me knows that I like to spice things up a bit. If my clients are up for it, […]

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