About Stephanie


Hi! I’m Stephanie Olsen and I’m so glad you are here! As you can see, I have a family that I am absolutely in love with. We love to travel, try new foods, play games and we especially love spending time in our vacation home in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Todd is a great skier and and loves to mountain bike, while Lake Willoughby is one of my favorite places on earth. Natalie has been on some amazing trips with us including the Amazon Rainforest and Galapagos Islands. She did it like a pro!

I’m a Sting fan, a tea lover and don’t buy paper napkins. My mom’s napkins from the 70’s are still in use here and new ones are made as needed. Paper towels are also a rear find in my home. Odd numbers bother me.  Spontaneity has played a part in some pretty great nights. I  love to dance and can party like a 24 year old.  I’m working on living a plastic free life. I take tubs and naps like a pro. Snow days are one of my favorites because it gives me more time with my girl. 

I’m the classic Italian girl that loves to cook, feed and entertain as much as possible. I am at my happiest when my house feels like a B&B! My backyard is one of my special places too. When the table under our pergola is full, the campfire is crackling, the hens are out and about and the laughter is rolling, I am full up with joy.

One thing I practice daily is being grateful. Grateful for the everyday things , the big things and everything in between.


I’ve been a photographer for half of my life. This industry is all I know and it’s who I am. I can’t think of or want to do anything else. I  have had so much joy brought to me photographing people. I have learned so many lessons over the last 2 decades and consider myself very lucky to have the career that I do.

I am committed to continued education and challenging myself. Via Professional Photographers of America, I am a Certified Professional and Craftsman Photographer.  That basically means that I have spent a lot of time and investment in becoming a better photographer and being a better mentor to other photographers every chance I can get. Teaching the several workshops a year here at my studio through PPA and my private mentor sessions is something I have a lot of fun doing. Being able to speak to the Portrait and Wedding graduating class of New England School of Photography two years in a row was an honor as an alumni. As well as being asked to speak at other photographic meetings and conferences is a bit nerve racking but so much fun!

I am in the midst of earning image competition merits towards my Masters. It’s a photographic growth challenge I assigned to myself as well as my other accomplishments. These challenges have taught me a lot. Never stop learning is one of them. Teaching and helping other photographers all that I have learned so far is something I genuinely love doing. I always have room for improvement. Patience is something to practice everyday.  Practice makes perfect. Community over competition.

It’s been a great ride so far and I can’t wait to see where it takes me next!

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