Survivor Portrait

Every minute of every day you have a choice. Will you be a survivor?. Will you change or stay the same. Accept or deny. Fight or flight. Yes or no. Every minute you can choose to recreate who you are and what you do. You can decide what you hold as truth, speak as truth, hear as truth and live as truth. You can choose who to hear it from, who to believe it from and what to do with it. You can choose to not listen, to ignore it and just be numb.

Depending on circumstances, whether you invite it or oust it, you can change your life forever. Are you ready to change? Will you scare the shit out of yourself? Are you ready to grow not only up but forward, bending toward the light or the sound or the gut feel that calls you and will nurture your soul? Are you ready to make the hardest decision which is also the best one for you?

To be a survivor of life, love, and nature, you must evolve and adapt. This is a portrait of one. She made all the right changes and acceptances for herself and here she is.

This image of Jen was taken after we were shooting for about 15 minutes. I always ask my subjects how they feel and what they are thinking. She was way out of her comfort zone with this pose and even though knows me well and trusts me, it was still hard for her to exist like this with me. I thanked her for her honesty. She then told me I was making her feel comfortable and that she was glad with her decision to do this shot. Once we got all of that out in the open she just settled in and this expression was born.

I am honored she gave me this intimate opportunity to learn more about her and have her let me in as she did.


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