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Corporate Headshot | Kristen

Kristen explained to me that having her corporate headshot portrait taken would be just awful. Like, the worst day ever. Even having a professional hair and make up didn’t help ease her at all. The only reason why she was at my studio was because we met in a Mom’s group on LinkedIn and chatted via group video a handful of times. She decided that she could get through the process with with less fear and anxiety if I was the one to photograph her. She was due for new corporate headshots and might as well get it done!

The even cooler thing is that she came to Boston to speak and visit some friends for the weekend and spent the night before at my house. I picked her up at the airport around 11:00pm on Friday. It was a fun thing for Natalie to do with me. “Who are we picking up? What do you mean you have never met her in person?” All good questions, though this is not a new occurrence for me. Kristen in the second woman I have met in an online group, gelled with and have had as a guest in my home. So far so good!

It was a great visit. Easy, relaxed, good conversation and just plain comfortable company. An ideal late night, Saturday morning session, early afternoon lunch to late afternoon chat in the kitchen.

What I am most happy about is that she has FIVE favorites! Five!!! I’m so happy with how modern, simple, and relaxed these are. It’s just who she is. Chill, bright, happy and positive.

Next visit, we will do the other kind of shots. The kind you get at a bar. 😉

corporate portrait corporate portrait corporate portrait