Topher’s Senior Pictures | Hingham Class of 2017

There are many things I love about Topher’s session! I loved that Topher knew exactly how he wanted his senior picture to look down to the prop! He made it so easy for me. Once we had that rugby ball in his hand, he was Topher. 100% him and happy and I’m so glad he got exactly what he wanted. I loved that he obliged his mom and changed into that blue shirt that mom and I would both know would highlight his eyes. Like all the senior guys, they all begrudgingly, but lovingly, always do what their moms want.

The other thing, I love so much, so so much, are Topher’s parents. Rich and Becky. You always hear these two names together. It’s almost like when you mash celebrity names together. Theirs should be “richnbecky”.

I have known this awesome couple since I was 15 or 16. I’m not sure. Doesn’t matter. All I know is that these two were such a huge part of my being a teen and young adulthood. When high school was at it’s all time low (which it always was for me) they were there. These two were the leaders of Young Life, a christian youth group. We meet weekly, sometimes twice a week. We had  week long adventure trips with hundred of other kids. They were truly some of the best times of my life. These two, no matter what, were always there. Always with a smile. Always with a hug. Always with a “It will be OK.” Always wrapped me in the most unconditional, consistent love. They were always supporting and encouraging of my photography. They embodied and still do what they teach and what they believe and I respect them and love them for it. I thank them for it.

When I see kids of celebrities I always think to myself, “I wonder if they have any idea who their parents are. I wonder how old they will be when they figure it out.” I’m pretty sure, by now, Topher knows how awesome his parents are. That they were our celebrities, to hundred of us, throughout the most crucial years of our lives. I am one of their biggest fans. You have actor celebrities, musician celebrities, business celebrities.. Richnbecky are my celebrities of love.

I look at these pictures and I get emotional.  Shock. I know. So much time gone by. But then again, so much time ahead, too. I’m so grateful I knew them then. And how awesome that I still know them and photograph them now. I am so proud to know them. I’m so happy that I still get to photograph them. Pretty cool I get to photograph celebrities. Even cooler I had the opportunity to photograph their most awesome son.

Congrats Topher! Thanks Richnbecky! Love you all!