The Cote Family Portrait | Boston Lifestyle Session

Because if your baby was June, you would hug and kiss her non-stop. If your baby woke up with the world’s biggest smiles and brightest eyes, you would smush her with kisses. If your baby had a running babbling, banter of happiness and joy, you would squeeze her until she giggled for more…

I had the honor of photographing Valerie and Trevor’s wedding not too long ago and most recently had theĀ  pleasure of going to their home, meeting June and of course, Brady. Can we just talk about the shot of June holding Brady’s paw? When I was editing and that came up full screen, I was belly laughing alone in my office at how stinking cute they both are! I mean, just laughing out loud staring at that shot! Their expressions are priceless!

I hope this shots how much fun they have as a family, how amazing this baby girl is and how much fun I had being in their home with them.

Thank you both so much again for your trust in me! Now I have to go stare at the June and Brady holding “hands’ again!