Taylor’s Senior Pictures | Class of 2017

Fall is such a crazy time for everyone. Between my shooting schedule, Taylor’s hockey schedule and just life in general, we managed a Friday night session. It was a really rainy day and there wasn’t much daylight left, so it was tome for me to go back to my roots with these portraits busting out my strobes and continuous light. Not to geek out on you, but I can’t remember the last time I shot a session with no daylight. This was exciting for me!

I love the results! So did Taylor and her mom which makes me happier still. Taylor was a great subject. I don’t even know how we pulled the serious ones off because were laughing through the whole thing. Taylor asked for a few on the spiral staircase, which I never would have thought of, and they are our favorites!

It was awesome to have mother and daughter here not only as those roles but also as best friends. These girls are hilarious and super sweet.

Thank you to your both for your enthusiasm and trust in me! Congratulations, Taylor! No one can rock that uniform better than you!