Diane’s In Home Portrait Session

I was so excited when Diane wanted to do a session in her home. She told me she wanted to capture all the things that represent her. She’s a pianist, a dancer and spiritual woman. I feel like we were two little girls let loose with no parents home, playing dress up and jumping on the furniture! It was SO much fun! Diane told me it was always on eof her dreams to be photographed as a dancer. I loved watching her have little fits of happy and giddy throughout the session. It was the first of this type I have photographed and we used a Grace Kelly coffee table book as inspiration to make it a bit more on the documentary side. I love the variety we got! I had shown her a few off the back of my camera while we worked. Later that day, I got the email below:


How can I adequately thank you for our photo shoot today? I told (my friend) when I saw her tonight that today was one of the best days of my life.  And I mean it.

You reflected back so much love and joy in what I was doing (celebrating my coming into my self and loving myself for who I am) – and then took it to a level beyond my wildest dreams with your gorgeous use of light and shadow and lines and textures.

In short, you blew my mind! You are a genius at what you do. It was an honor to work with you.

Many thanks and much love,

P.s. Can’t wait to do it again in your studio!! XO”

Yes, she is coming to the studio for a styled session! It becomes addicting, this feeling really good about yourself stuff!

The Collection Ordering Session at my studio was just as exciting. With every image that came into view during the slideshow, Diane just squealed with excitement and “Oh My God!” She clapped, jumped, spun around. I’m pretty sure she got to her knees at one point with her head in her hands in just sheer disbelief in how happy she was with what she was seeing of herself. This is one of the many reasons I do what I do. An absolute bonus to what  do and why I will do it for as long as I possibly can.  To be able to make someone see themselves in photos and realize that they are truly beautiful and have that joy wash over them and watch that unfold, well,that’s just awesome.

I am honored that she chose me to document this point in her life and preserve it for her and her children for decades and generations to come.

She is joy. She is kind. She is love. She is real. She is Diane.