the bare pregnant belly | maternity boudoir sessions

I have been doing a lot of maternity sessions lately. I’m excited. I hope to do more and more of them over the years having it be a weekly occurrence here in the studio.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to spice things up a bit. If my clients are up for it, we bare the belly. We might go with a little  fashion flavor, or just go for it with a boudoir maternity session. Mind you, there are plenty of moms-to-be that do not want to bare the belly in photos. I completely respect that and have still documented for them that great milestone in their lives capturing their style and personality.

So along with the moms that don’t want to bare, there are the viewers that don’t want to see. I get and respect both. But for me, photographing and sharing a bare pregnant belly is not just for the sake of photographing and posting it. For me, the bare pregnant belly just blows my mind. I visually can’t get enough of it. It amazes me every time. As if it’s the first time I have ever seen one.

I was 6 months pregnant when Natalie, now just about 10, decided to make her grand entrance. There was no evidence of a baby in my belly at 26 weeks. It looked like I needed to work on my abs at best. I remember being so excited for the expansion of my belly. Crazy, I know. But I was so impressed at what a female human body could do, I was just so psyched it was my turn. Well, sometimes there’s a plan B that you didn’t know was coming.But any plans that ends with a little lovey of a girl like mine, I’ll gladly follow.

But for me, the bare pregnant belly is a crazy vessel of beauty, wonder, love and hope. A vessel that moms are so lucky to carry and experience until it’s full, out of room for it’s little traveler and just down right perfect.

Clients that have bared their belly for me seem to have an empowering experience. They have embraced that being pregnant is not what some people think of as unflattering, but a an amazing gift that forever changes who they are and who they will be. Women are recognizing and making known that being pregnant is beautiful, sexy, and awesome. Flaunt that stuff all day I say.

Celebrate it. Document it. If not for yourself, for your little one. Because trust me, there will come a day when that little one will be able to ask, “Mommy, what did I look like when I was in your belly?” Having a visual answer to that question is probably one of the greatest things you can share with your child. I have one photo of myself at 5 months. I look very everyday. Natalie was confused. It was bittersweet for me but that’s all I had for her.

With each client that comes in, bare or not, I am vicariously  36 weeks pregnant and loving it. The bare belly part is just a bonus!